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When and how to contact a funeral home? The procedure for ordering our services differs according to the place where the death occurred.

Death in a hospital or a social services institution

You will be informed about the death by staff, who at the same time will arrange transport of the deceased to a refrigeration facility. If the institution does not have its own refrigeration facility, the deceased will be transported to one contracted by a funeral home. Funeral home selection for the funeral arrangement is always dependent on your choice.

Death at home or outside a hospital or a social service institution

It is always necessary to call an ambulance. They will inform the coroner. A coroner will issue a Note of Deceased Examination. If they do not order an autopsy, you can contact a funeral service of your choosing. Funeral home PEGAS CZ will arrange fast and ethical transport of the deceased to a refrigeration facility, where they will wait until the funeral.

800 176 423
If you have any questions, please call +420 800 176 423
Did you know

If the deceased was transported by a funeral home different from your choice, you are not obliged to arrange a funeral with that funeral home. The choice of a funeral home is entirely up to you.

What to take with you to a funeral arrangement?

It is good to have:

Your own ID card
ID card of the deceased
Not necessary
Birth and marriage certificates
Not necessary
Clothing for the deceased
Not necessary
800 176 423
If you have any questions, please call +420 800 176 423

Branches of our funeral home in Prague and surrounding areas

Visit any of our branches

- Other possibilities -

Travel by taxi service at our expense

  • We will be more than happy to arrange free travel by taxi to any of our offices for people with impaired mobility. For taxi order please use our non-stop line +420 800 176 423.

Arrangement of funeral at your home for free

We understand that the family of the deceased is going through difficult times. That is why we want to ease the situation as much as possible. We offer help with arranging the funeral at your home. It is a free service and all the other additional prices are the same as in our offices.

Payment possibilities

At all our branches, you can choose from several payment possibilities:

Payment by cash or credit card

Payment by bank transfer

(Card payment cannot be done at the Mnichovice branch)

800 176 423
For all your questions call the free NONSTOP information line.

Partner organizations

We are a proud member of professional organizations and an important partner of these organisations.